I sign in & try to make mobile deposit. Successfully takes picture of cheque then kicks me off the app. Simply help line at a loss as to the problem

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Hi deborah!

Have you already reinstalled the app?



yes & have tried shutting off my bitdefender security protection

If that doesn't solve the problem, I'm at a loss.

Do other services of the simply app work or does it always quit?


Thank you! I only tried the mobile deposit so have no idea if the rest works. I will try now


Yup, I just transferred some money between acc'ts & seemed to work fine.

If you were able to transfer money and there were no problems, it can't be due to a security measure. Since it seems to only occur when using the camera, do you have any other problems with the camera (crashes or something else)?


once again thank you. I have never had any problems with the camera. Just an after thought when I take a picture of the cheque it says successful!

Hey deborah,

thank you as well for the quick responses. if there are no other problems with the camera, I'm afraid I have no idea for now. I'll talk to my colleague and see if he's had any similar problems or read anything in other forums. if he has another idea, I'll get back to you.

Best regards,


appreciate this

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