I have loaded sim and the network has been recognised.   Settings then SIM cards show Sim slot 1 and network but no number.  

My wifi calling is active.

I cannot make calls.

The solution

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Hello, Rane. Even though it's easy, have you already made a restart?

What about incoming calls?


Hi Simon

By restart do you mean back to factory settings? I get the ring notification but no calls incoming either. Thanks

Hello Rane! No, I meant a very simple restart of the device (Power off > Power on). Especially after the initial setup the restart often helps.

Did the SIM card already work in another device?


Yes Simon I have tried restarting and the SIM has been in my previous phone for over a year so that is fine. As everything is backed up I thought just to do a full reset? What's your opinion?


a reset is of course always the easiest way to solve problems. especially if a backup is present. try it, if it doesn't work, please contact us again ;-)


I did a reset and all fine now.

Thanks for your support Simon.


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