Question: MMS not working

My MMS hasn't been working for a week of so. Also, just noticed I am on the 3G network not 4G. Can you help me??

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Hello PatMur,

Do you not receive MMS you should receive, or can't you send some? 

You can change your network type by following these steps:

Step 1: Open the settings
Step 2: Tap on Network & Internet
Step 3: Tap on Mobile network
Step 4: Tap on Advanced
Step 5: Tap on Preferred network type
Step 6: Choose a network type 
  1. Open the settings

  2. Tap on Network & Internet

  3. Tap on Mobile network

  4. Tap on Advanced

  5. Tap on Preferred network type

  6. Choose a network type 

This Guide Network type is from our interactive manual for Android 9 Pie



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