Model 4/64

Microphone not working 

On a call I can hear the other person fine

They hear nothing 

I have recorded a call and can hear the other person but not my voice just silence

I am smart phone illiterate so please your help would be a god send

Yours hopefully

Robin Perry

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Hello Robin,

there are two apps you could use to test if the microphone is damaged or if it is a software problem. Try the following: Put your device onto a table, start the camera app and start to record a video. Don't touch the phone, as the view does not matter, but start talking. When you watch the video, do you have sound?  Same works with the voice recorder. 

If yes, then your microphone does work, and it maybe is a software problem with the call app. Or maybe, and this happens to me too: If you take the call, there are several settings on the screen, one of them turns your microphone off. So if you put the phone on your ear while the display is on, you might activate "Mute" with said ear. Just make sure the display is on sleep after answering the call by pressing the power button on the side. Next thing is, take a look at your device. Where is your microphone? Maybe your thumb or another finger covers it when you hold it on your ear? Happened to me too, to be honest.  

If your Video had no sound, your microfone is probably damaged. If you don't want to exchange your device, you could use a headset for everything that needs your voice. A headset has an implied microphone and can be used as a substitute for your built in microphone. But make sure to disconnect the headset if you, for example, use the clock as an alarm because all sounds will only be heard over the headset and it wont wake you up. 

If you have any more questions, just ask here, together we'll make you a smartphone literate in no time :D



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