First issue: Bluetooth. I used to use my bluetooth as a remote control. I explain: If my timer countdown started to sound I could give double tap to my right bluetooth earbud and the timer will restart. (Samsung S8). Also I could give volume up or down to my music. 

Now I dont have anymore S8, got Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE and I lost those features. My timer countdown alarm do not stop with the volume control, that feature it is exclusively for Clock Alarm. WHYYYYYYY?????.

Second issue: Lock Screen: I can not play/pause music with the lock screen, why?.  Something I used to do in S8 with any music player or music website.

Thanks for any help.

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Hi Holmenkoll!

Unfortunately, the Xiaomi devices do not bring all the features, for example, to control the timer via the earbuds. Here Xiaomi must urgently improve.

Regarding the media playback control on the lock screen: Please check the settings > Sound & Vibration > Sound effects. There are more options.




I decided to install Samsung Browser, and all the music playback buttons works perfectly in lock screen. In that way I do not struggle with Chrome or Xiaomi  browser. 

Bluetooth issue, still no fix for it. I think Xiaomi need to work more in the bluetooth arena. My volume button not working as control for timer, its also sad. Each time my timer starts to sound I have to go to the telephone and stop, I can not even restart it. So I installed a clock app, it is not perfect, but its a work-around. 

Hi Holmenkoll!

You are absolutely right, Xiaomi needs to improve on many things, especially Bluetooth, Android Auto and other connectivity features.

Thanks for getting back to us with the work-around, we hope everything will work as you are used to.

Best regards

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