hello guys managers,

Can you help me :? I am in the EU - Croatia (where there was an earthquake 5 days ago)


I bought a Xiaomi MiPlay smartphone, product 2018. Android 9.0, 5.84 ” pixel 1080x2280, 4 GB frame, 64 GB memory.

I don't know how the TalkBack program was included in it, which didn't allow me to start my MiPlay and enter it at all, before entering it, to enter my Pin number so that I could not get to the SETTINGS menu and other settings and phone programs And others.

That's why I entered black Main Menu (Reboot, Wipe Data and Connect with My Assistant) selected Wipe Data to reset to factory settings and the "return" indicator from 0% to 23% appeared on the screen and then the indicator disappeared, the device automatically closed, rebooted, so I personally think the range of 23% to 100% (where Android-9 programs are) is not reset

After that when I turn on my Mi Play, the dots at the bottom of the screen show "loading Android" but only one program opens: MIUI-11 where I can only set my language, region and read the Privacy Policy and User Agreement until now I can't open SETTINGS the whole device and I can not open the PHONE or any other program Os Android 9. 

The setting shows that Mi Play is on a  wi fi network but IE is unavailable and therefore cannot open the web page and internet


While reading in MIUI-11 sometimes uninvited opens the Talk Back program and then in it I can read and listen Navigation options (next, previous, above) and so on. From TalkBack I can return to MIUI-11 using the “volume +, -” keys but it goes abnormally hard even after many attempts.

I searched on the web pages how to open SETTINGS and the whole program MIUI-11 And all other programs from Os-Android-9, to return the whole MiPlay to normal operation but I could not find such instructions. I live 50 kn from the city and there is a danger of the Covid virus, so I beg you to help me return MiPlay to normal so that I can open SETTINGS and all my programs in full. It is best to list the steps for recovery: short and precise.

Thank you very much, Antun

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Hi Antun, MIUI 11 is not a program, it's a user interface, so it only affects the look of Android.

What you will see after turning on is the setup wizard that you need to go through, just follow the steps on the screen. Once you complete the setup, you can customize the usual settings of Android.

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