Huawei nova 3

Huawei nova 3
No videos will play on any app. How do I fix this?

My nova won’t play any videos and the sound is stuck on full volume. The games I have still work. The app I’m watching videos on will load but it won’t play, it will just keep trying to load it. Those video apps also crash after a while but all other apps work fine. The volume icon will go down but the volume stays the same.

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Explained step by step - 237 simulator instructions
  1. Basics

  2. Settings

    1. Users & accounts

    2. System & updates

      1. Language & input

        1. Keyboards

          1. Typing & autocorrect

          2. Keys

          3. Language

          4. Typing

    3. Apps

      1. Special Access

      2. App settings

    4. Battery

    5. Storage

    6. Security

      1. More security settings

    7. Privacy

    8. Location

    9. Accessibility features

      1. Interaction control

      2. Motion control

      3. Visual

      4. Audio

        1. Talk Back

          1. Select to speak

    10. Display

      1. Home screen & wallpaper

        1. Home screen settings

        2. Widgets

        3. Folder

      2. Display & brightness

        1. More display settings

    11. Sounds & vibration

      1. More sound settings

    12. Notification

      1. App icon badges

    13. Biometrics & password

    14. Network

      1. Wi-Fi

      2. Bluetooth

      3. Mobile network

        1. SIM Management

        2. Tethering & portable hotspot

        3. Data usage

        4. More connections

        5. Mobile data

  3. Functions

    1. Messages

      1. Advanced

    2. Camera

    3. Contacts

    4. Calls

    5. Clock

      1. Alarm

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Huawei nova 3: Specifications
Display6.3 Inch - IPS
ProcessorHisilicon Kirin 970
Memory 4 GB 6 GB
Internal storage 128 GB
Camera24 + 16 Megapixel
SoftwareAndroid 8.1 Oreo
All specifications