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Good evening, In the redmi 4 pro I have, they were programmed with the menou button to close the device by pressing and holding it and with a double tap the calculator would appear. Pressing the home screen key twice to display the screen for taking photos and videos. I installed an application (delete app) and after uninstalling it I lost these settings. How could I reset these settings ??? There is also a way with the device turned off to work the alarm clock because it only rings if the phone is open. Welcome and other settings that make the device more functional. Thanks in advance!

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Answer from Denny

Hello AZE!

i think it refers to the button shortcuts. could you please check it out with the following guide?

Best regards!

Displayed version: Android 10 (MIUI 11)
Step 1: Open the Settings
Step 2: Tap on Additional settings
Step 3: Tap on Button shortcuts
Step 4: Choose a shortcut
Step 5: Choose a gesture
  1. Open the Settings

  2. Tap on Additional settings

  3. Tap on Button shortcuts

  4. Choose a shortcut

  5. Choose a gesture

This Guide "How to customize button shortcuts" is from our interactive manual for Xiaomi


Explained step by step - 464 simulator instructions
    1. The device

    2. Home screen

      1. Apps & Shortcuts

      2. Folder

      3. Widgets

    1. Network

      1. Mobile network

        1. Mobile data

          1. Data warning and limit

        2. SIM card

      2. WLAN

        1. Wi-Fi Direct

      3. Connected devices

        1. Screen Mirroring

        2. Bluetooth

        3. Print

        4. Tethering

          1. WLAN-Hotspot

    2. Display

      1. Digital wellbeing

      2. Status bar

      3. Always On Display

      4. Navigation bar

        1. Quick Ball

        1. Font

    3. Volume & Tones

      1. System sounds

      2. Volume

      3. Do not disturb

        1. Exceptions

      4. Vibrations

    4. Storage

      1. Memory card

    5. Battery

    6. Lock screen

      1. Screen lock

    7. Security & Privacy

        1. Fingerprint

      1. Privacy

      2. Location

      3. Emergency

      4. SIM card

      5. App lock

    8. Apps & Notifications

      1. Authorizations

      2. Notifications

      3. Standard apps

      1. Google Assistant

      2. Screen reader

        1. Read out

      3. Display enhancements

      4. Hearing improvements

      5. Interaction and dexterity

    9. General administration

      1. Software update

      2. Date & Time

      3. Accounts

        1. Guest account

      4. Backup

      5. Languages & Input

        1. Keyboard

          1. Text correction

          2. Word suggestions

          3. Layout

          4. Language

      6. Reset

      7. System

        1. Developer Options

  1. Functions

    1. Phone

      1. Display

      2. Settings

      3. Speed dial

    2. Messages (SMS)

      1. Settings

    3. Contacts

      1. Settings

      2. Groups

    4. Camera

      1. Shutter

      2. Settings

    5. Gallery

      1. Album

    6. Calendar

    7. Clock & Alarm

      1. Clock

      2. Timer

      3. Alarm clock

    8. Browser

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Xiaomi Redmi 4 Pro: Specifications
Display5 Inch - IPS
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 625
Memory 3 GB
Internal storage 32 GB
Camera13 Megapixel
SoftwareAndroid 6 Marshmallow
All specifications