I tried everything and when im playing and open the game turbo apps shortcuts there are only 6 apps, and i did what the yt video tutorial said but they wont appear on the game turbo bar:(

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Hi FerRuiz02!

Do you have the ingame shortcuts enabled?

I just checked on our Xiaomi phones, when you open the ingame shortcut, you can choose between apps on the left side. There is a small down arrow where you can select more apps. Below that, as far as I can see, are all the installed apps on the device.



Yeah, they are, and when I click the left arrow it only appears 3 apps, which are Notes, Messages and Archives:( besides them without clicking the arrow i only have the options of What's app, Facebook and the web 

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Hello FerRuiz02!

I would rather say that it is due to a bug in Game Turbo. Have you deactivated Game Turbo, then activated and restarted the device?

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