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To better organize our pictures and photos on the Xiaomi smartphone, we can create albums or folders that provide easy access, and after creating an album, we can directly select photos to copy or move to the new album.

Android 11 | MIUI 12.0
Step 1: Tap on  Gallery
Step 2: Tap on  Albums
Step 3: Tap on  Add
Step 4: Enter a  Name  and tap  OK
Step 5: Select one or more  Photos/Videos
Step 6: Tap on  Save
Step 7: Choose  Move  or  Copy
  1. Tap on Gallery
  2. Tap on Albums
  3. Tap on Add
  4. Enter a Name and tap OK
  5. Select one or more Photos/Videos
  6. Tap on Save
  7. Choose Move or Copy
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