Depending on your Xiaomi device, we can display apps that are open in the background one below the other to make working on the phone more effective. If selected apps are in the foreground, we can change the display size by dragging the border.

Note: In this guide we will start the splits screen, select a second app, change the displayed window size. The mentioned steps are for illustration purposes only and can be skipped.

Android 10 (MIUI 12.0)
Step 1:  Tap on  Recent apps
Step 2:  Tap and hold an  app  
Step 3:  Tap on  Split screen
Step 4:  Select the second  app
Step 5:  Drag the  border  to resize the contents
Step 6:  Tap the  Home button  to exit
  1. Tap on Recent apps
  2. Tap and hold an app 
  3. Tap on Split screen
  4. Select the second app
  5. Drag the border to resize the contents
  6. Tap the Home button to exit

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