On startup mobile data comes on on its own. I don't use this only when I'm out so very annoying.

It's actually the 1B 2022 version 32 gig.

Thanks for any help.


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Hi DataDog1!

Do you always turn off the mobile data via the quick settings or do you use the network settings? Try it via the system settings and restart the device.




Thanks for the prompt reply Denny.

Initially I have turned it off from the notification bar but as that doesn't work usually at first I go into network settings which is under Data Settings and turn off slider there.

Thanks DataDog1


I can confirm that everytime the phone is restarted it goes straight into mobile data.

If I turn the data off in network settings it still goes back into mobile data on next restart.


Hi DataDog1!

Could it be that some app has the permission to turn on the mobile data? Has this problem been occurring for a while or did it happen after an update?


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