When attempting to answer an incoming call during an existing ongoing call, pressing the answer button hangs up on the existing call & does not answer the new incoming call.

I do have the call waiting option with my mobile phone service provider & I never experienced a problem using the call waiting feature on all of my previous mobile phones.

Please advise me on how to fix this problem, thank you.


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Hello HeartCentered!

If the call waiting function is activated, you should see several options.

One to end the current call and accept the second caller.

One to hold the current call and accept the second caller.

Please check this again.



Yes, I see those 2 options to hang up & answer or to hold & answer.

The problem is when I press the hold & answer button, I get an error message saying "error hold unavailable" & my phone disconnects from both calls.

How do I activate the call waiting feature?

Hello HeartCentered!

You should be able to activate Call waiting as follows:

  • phone app
  • Menu (three dots)
  • Settings
  • calling accounts
  • Select the SIM Card
  • Advanced settings
  • Enable call waiting

If the function is already activated, contact your provider and ask if the function is supported.


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