I'm disappointed that the A90 doesn't have a headphone socket. I know that some other smartphones send analogue audio out of their USB-C sockets, for which simple adaptors are available. Is that the case with the A90? If not, is there another means to use wired earphones? I also use Bluetooth earphones but they are not always appropriate.

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Hi ThisWreckage!

Is it really the A90?

According to our information, the Blackview A90 has a headphone jack.




I only received this phone yesterday so I'm just getting to know it. The little booklet with it shows the USB-C port as the only headphone connection. That means I need an exernal DAC adaptor, such as the ones advertised on ebay for Huawei and Samsung phones, costing a few pounds. However, I don't see one for Blackview phones and there are different converters for each manufacturer. Can you advise me, please?

Hi ThisWreckage!

Unfortunately I don't have a direct recommendation, but you could consider the adapters from ANKER or UGREEN, as the different users have had very positive experiences with them.


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