I was recently forced to change from a Blackberry Style to another phone, and the new phone chosen was a Blackview bv5900.  I've been having trouble with the music app on my Blackview.

The first problem I encountered is that the music lists in the order I downloaded them onto the phone and I have not figured out a way to view the songs alphabetically.  I have tried accessing the files through my computer but have not figured out a way to alter the song order, which is actually inconvenient for multiple reasons.

The second Music app problem I encountered is that after creating playlists, the playlists have repeatedly (three times so far) disappeared.  It seems like they are deleting themselves shortly after I create them or shortly after I add a lot of songs to them.  As both the phone and the playlists are new (one month and days-weeks old respectively), I am not sure what is triggering the deletion/disappearance.  It is a lot of time wasted having to go through my songs repeating the same work, but I have zero idea why the playlists are deleting themselves, so I have zero idea how to stop it from happening again.

Thank you for reading.

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Hello Mapame!

It could be a system error, have you already tried other music apps?



No, I did not think to try other music apps, I think this one came with/on the phone, so I just used this one.  Good idea though, I will look for another app.

Thank you.

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