Blackview BV5900

Blackview BV5900
Why does "Notes" need accss to my calendar to open?

I was recently forced to change from a Blackberry Style to another phone, and the new phone chosen was a Blackview bv5900.  Unlike my original phone, this one's "tools" do not seem to be able to operate independently of each other.  When I click on, "Notes", the phone asks for access to my "Calendar."  I prefer less information shared, not more, but when I click, "deny", "Notes" closes.

While I understand some people prefer the ease of sharing information between apps, I do not.  I am confused on why a newer phone would not have the same or better capabilities as my older model phone, or am I missing the setting allowing me to use, "Notes" without giving the app access to other apps? 


Thank you

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Answer from Denny

Hello, Mapame!

Unfortunately the app needs access to the calendar to synchronize possible dates or meetings.

As an alternative you could try other Notes apps, but I don't know which accesses are required.


Answer from Mapame

I suppose I will either have to put up with my apps having more access than I am comfortable with, or as you say, try to look for another Notes app to download and try.   Thank you for the feedback

/ Support-team
Answer from Denny

Hello, Mapame!

Yes, unfortunately nowadays all apps always want to have all possible access to offer the best possible options or functions.

Unfortunately this is not always desired by the user, so I can only recommend to try different apps that may not require so many accesses.

Best regards!

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Blackview BV5900: Specifications
Display5.7 Inch - IPS
ProcessorMediaTek MT6762M (Helio A22)
Memory 3 GB
Internal storage 32 GB
Camera13 + 0.3 Megapixel
SoftwareAndroid 9 Pie
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