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I'm new satisfied owner of BV9500 Plus but I have one question: How to change volume level for notification sounds, because there is no bar for it and it seems that its higher than ringer volume. In other phones I had before, volume of notification sounds was the same like ringer volume, but here it seems to be higher. For example ringer volume is on minimum, but notification volume is on 20-25% and it can't be changed or it can? I've turned off BesLoudness now and tried to find better sound for notification (that is not so loud) but I don't have anymore ideas, so please be so kind to help with this.

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Hello Bob1979!

If you can't find another notification bar in the sound settings, I'm afraid this feature is not available.

Have you tried the volume control app from the Play Store?



No I didn't try any extra apps, but turning down the BesLoudness option and changing to more adeqate tone its better. Now its much more discrete. 

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