Dear team and community members,

I'm new owner of BV9500 plus and have a little question for you. Is there a possibility to remove Google bar from home screen, but without disabling Google app and without installing new software for this matter. I've tried to disable Google app but then I have bar on the same place just that bar has Search (word) not Google logo and I don't like this solution. 

Thanks in advance

Kind regards to all of you!

3 Answers

Hello Bob1979!

Unfortunately, the Google search bar cannot be completely disabled without rooting the device.

However, we do not recommend and do not support a root.

Otherwise there is no other option.



I was afraid of that answer :( but thank you very much

Yeah, unfortunately, there is no other option.

I have also searched for ages on one of our phones and tried to disable the search bar, unfortunately without success.

Best wishes!

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