In my redmi note 9 pro max edit icon is not showing in notification bar to rearrange the notification bar. What should I do?


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Hello Singham. unfortunately, this is a known problem on all newer Xiaomi smartphones soon. unfortunately, there is no solution at this time. you will have to wait for an update, like many others.


But my mother also has the same device and in her phone this edit option is showing.


Is that an issue of system update?

Hello Singham!

Yes, just like many other Xiaomi users, you and your mom will have to wait for an update until it is fixed.



No i am saying in my mom's phone this edit icon is showing but not in mine why?

Hello again!

Sorry, I misunderstood.

It's very simple because she hasn't triggered the error yet. I don't know how and why, but on one of our Xiaomi phones this error hasn't occurred yet either.

That's why we are waiting with the various updates.



Ok but is that possible that i made any mistakes in setting that results my edit option is now disappeared from the notification shade or bar?

Hello again!

No, you did not make any mistakes. This system error occurs completely randomly.



But i think when I open this phone first time i am not shure but i think i have seen that icon. Plse help me.


I first encountered this error when I logged in my Google account and allowed backup from my old phone setting (old phone opportunity f15 which is from a totally different company) and ever since I haven't been able to make 'edit'edit' icon show up. Can you help me please.. 

Hello Singham!

Yes, it is most likely that you have already seen this "Edit-icon".

However, the error only appeared since some update.

Unfortunately, I can't tell you how this system error is triggered.

If you have an old backup (before the error) in Mi Cloud, you can try to restore the device.

Otherwise, you'll have to wait for Xiaomi to fix it.

Best wishes and regards.



Ok thankiu so much for support.

Hello Singham!

No problem!

We try to help, but unfortunately this time it is not as easy as we and many other Xiaomi users would like.


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