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Where can I find the user manual for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro Max?

Download the operating instructions for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro Max in various languages as a PDF document.

How to Turn On/Off USB-OTG

USB On-The-Go allows you to connect USB drives and keyboards to your Xiaomi device and exchange data. Note: OTG automatically turns off after...

How to Turn On/Off Game Turbo (Game Launcher)

If we cast / mirror the Xiaomi's screen to a monitor or TV, we can also enjoy games to the fullest, and the Game Turbo function helps us here,...

How to Turn On/Off Proximity sensor

If the Xiaomi smartphone's screen doesn't turn off during a call, it's possible that we accidentally enable functions with the ear such as the...

How to Set System Navigation via Buttons or Gestures

In the Xiaomi smartphone settings, we can specify whether we want the App Toggle, Home, or Back buttons to appear, or whether we want to use...

How to Turn On/Off "Double tap to wake or turn off screen"

If this feature is enabled, we can double-tap on the screen to activate or wake up the Xiaomi smartphone, which is useful for checking the clock...

How to Allow Gallery Access to SD card

The Gallery on the Xiaomi smartphone requires access to the sd card to store or delete images on it. Giving access is a bit cumbersome to explain....

How to Change default Dialer-App

The standard MIUI phone app offers a clear and functional display, but can be changed at the user's request. Additional phone or call apps can be...

How to Schedule Power on/off

We can set a power on/off time for the Xiaomi smartphone to turn on/off automatically, with individual times and repetition. Note: In this...

How to Turn On/Off Wi-Fi calling

If network reception or signal strength on the Xiaomi smartphone is weak, we can activate WiFi calls to make calls over an existing WiFi network....

How to Turn on/off Keyboard Vibration

When this feature is enabled on the Xiaomi smartphone, we get a brief tactile feedback for each letter we type on the on-screen keyboard. We can...

How to Turn on/off Dual Clock on Lock screen

If we change the region on the Xiaomi smartphone, a second clock is displayed on the lock screen when the times differ, and this feature can be...

How to Turn On/Off Call recording

The Xiaomi smartphone comes with a feature to record phone calls or conversations, which is disabled by default, but can be enabled for all calls...

How to Turn Off Developer options

To disable the developer options on the Xiaomi smartphone, simply navigate to the menu and flip the switch, and the developer options are hidden...

How to Allow/Deny Install Apps from unknown sources

If we want to install unknown apps on the Xiaomi smartphone, a general activation is no longer sufficient. from now on, every single app from...
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Manuals & Downloads

Currently you can find here five various manuals and/or quick start guides for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro Max. You can view the manual for the Redmi Note 9 Pro Max of Xiaomi online or download it as a PDF file (Download).


English | 3.93 MB | PDF


Spanish | 4.46 MB | PDF


German | 4.45 MB | PDF


French | 4.47 MB | PDF


Hungarian | 4.6 MB | PDF

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Remove data usage notification

Remove data usage notifications

areeb31301 AnswersLast answer 3 years ago
Volume is not getting transferred during Screen Cast with Sony Bravia TV

Hi Team, I use MIUI 12, when I connect my Redmi Note 9 Pro Max with Sony Bravia via Screen Cast, only Picture is...

Aravind1 AnswersLast answer 3 years ago
Picture with fingerprint scanner

I have note 9 pro max. I wanna know how to click picture with fingerprint scanner just like note 5 pro max

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