No option to open a thread on my phone and Blackview seem to put out new models every week so I selected the nearest looking one.I have a big problem as I cannot upload or download media files to PC or Mac with the Blackview Oscal 60 Pro phone I bought recently.Blackview customer service say they cannot help and of course there is no user manual.So maybe I will send it back under the warranty but first I'll ask here as it seems a great phone otherwise.I  get this on the laptop when I make a USB connection:"Can't access device storage. Make sure your device is unlocked and 'File Transfer' or 'MTP' mode is selected". And I get this on Bluetooth:"The device does not have the necessary services"I have never had a problem like this with any other Android phone. My old phones connected with no problem, my wife's Samsung still connects with the same laptops and USB cables (Dell and Macbook). The Blackview phone charges through the USB and the phones  is clearly accessible as I get the messages, so it seems like there might be some security setting that is locked.I cannot find any setting that looks like it would unlock this problem.I can't find anything about MTP (whatever that is) or File Transfer on the phone. Hoping someone can help.Thanks

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Hi Dendron111!

Can you transfer files to the PC after a USB connection has been established and file transfer has been activated on the BV?

If that doesn't work either and not even Blackview support can help you, I'm at a loss for the time being.


Thanks for your reply on this Denny. But like I said, I cannot find any thing about File Transfer or MTP in Settings, or anywhere else on the phone.

I assume File Transfer is something I should be able to activate. But where would I find it?

So normally a pop-up is displayed where you can choose the connection. If not, then check the notification shade. There should be a notification from the system.


Thanks again but no pop up shows on the phone when a USB cable is connected.

The only place I can find Notifications on the phone is in Messages where there as a choice to block or allow them. They are allowed but nothing appears as a Notification when I connect the USB cable. I don't understand 'notifications shade' so is there another type of Notification I should search for?

With Image Capture app open on the Macbook the name of the phone appears as S60Pro but no files appear. With Android File Transfer app on Macbook or Dell I get "Make sure your device is unlocked and File Transfer or MTP mode is selected".

On Bluetooth the phone pairs with the laptops but if I click connect it the laptop only says Connected for a moment then goes back to "Not Connected" and the popup "The device does not have the necessary services" appears on the laptop.

Any other ideas?

To access the notification shade, you need to swipe down from the top of the screen. There you also will find the quick settings.


Yes, I knew that is the quick way to get to Notifications. Just didn't know it was called a shade. :-)

Still nothing there about freeing up the phone for File Transfer to and from a laptop though.

I've tried a new app - Coolmuster Android Assistant. That says "Please enable USB debugging on your Android phone" when I connect the USB.

But no info anywhere about how to enable USB debugging.

Any suggestions?

Hi Dendron111,

you'll find USB Debugging in the developer options. This is an Android tutorial to activate them:


Android 12
How to Turn On Developer options - Tap on  Settings
How to Turn On Developer options - Tap on  About phone
How to Turn On Developer options - Tap  seven times  on Build number
  1. Tap on Settings
  2. Tap on About phone
  3. Tap seven times on Build number


Yabadabadoo! Thank you.  Now it feels like I'm getting somewhere. So enabling USB debugging gets the photos and other folders on my phone to show up on the laptop with a USB cable and the Coolmuster Android Assistant app. Only thing is that Coolmuster want me to send them $50 to enable their app to transfer the files....

That is a lot as for $50 I can probably buy a different phone that will connect straight away like my old phone did with the freeware Android File Transfer app. And I still don't have any Bluetooth connection for file transfer, which worked with the good old laptop system Bluetooth on my old phone.

There is a whole pile of stuff in Developer Options and I'm wondering if there is anything there that might "enable File Transfer or MTP mode" like the Android File Transfer app asks for? Or enable the "necessary services" on the device that the laptop Bluetooth asks for?

Thanks again

So directly after bluetooth connection to file transfer there is nothing as far as I can see. What you could try would be the default USB configuration to "always" choose the filetransfer. Please, check again if it works for you and restart your device after setting it:

Android 12
How to Set Default USB Configuration - Tap on  Settings
How to Set Default USB Configuration - Tap on  System
How to Set Default USB Configuration - Tap on  Developer options
How to Set Default USB Configuration - Turn On  Default USB configuration
How to Set Default USB Configuration - Set the  Default USB configuration
  1. Tap on Settings
  2. Tap on System
  3. Tap on Developer options
  4. Turn On Default USB configuration
  5. Set the Default USB configuration


Hi Denny

Sorry for not getting back, I've been out of action for a few days. But found "Default USB configuration. There was no option for "always" but on the next screen the option "No data transfer" was checked. I checked the File Transfer" box instead and all the phone files became visible via USB on the laptops through Android File Transfer and the photos on the native Image Capture app on the Macbook. They can all be deleted and transferred both ways through Android File Transfer. At last!

This is great, so thank you.

But still no Bluetooth connection to the phone with any of my devices. The phone is visible and paired but connection is only momentary, then it disconnects straightaway. On the Macbook it comes up with "The device does not have the necessary services".

So if anyone has any ideas on how to get Bluetooth working on this phone let me know...

Hey Dendron111!

thanks for the kind reply! We're glad that this could fix the USB connection issue. Regarding the Bluetooth connection..., it could be that the Cubot simply does not have any security certifications and therefore the connection fails.
Have you already paired other devices via Bluetooth (headset, smartwatch, tablet, game controller,...)? Does the connection fail there as well?

Best regards,


Hi Denny. Just tried headphones and they connect to the phone ok. So the problem is just pairing with the Macbook and the Dell. Any ideas on how to get the phone to show security certifications that would convince the laptops? :-)

Hi Dendron111, have you tried different apps/programs to share files between the devices? Maybe this will establish a stable connection.

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