Cubot King Kong

Cubot King Kong
Locked screen clock


after actualization of King Kong mini, analog clock appeared on the locked screen even if my phone is set to use a digital clock. I don't like the analog look of the clock and I haven't find any setting of my locked screen. Please can you help me? 



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Answer from Ardor

I installed AVA Screenlock as a solution.I didn't like that new clock either. ;-)

Android 7

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  1. First Steps

    1. Home Screen

    2. Set up

  2. Apps

    1. Maps

      1. Notifications

    2. Chrome

    3. Clock

    4. Contacts

    5. Calls

    6. Play Store

    7. Settings

  3. Settings

    1. Storage

    2. Accessibility

    3. Security

      1. Screen lock

    4. System

      1. Date & time

      2. Language & input

        1. Keyboard

          1. Text correction

    5. Battery

    6. Sound

      1. Other sounds

    7. Display

    8. Wireless & Networks

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      2. Bluetooth

      3. Wi-Fi

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Cubot King Kong: Specifications
Display5 Inch - IPS
ProcessorMediatek MT6580
Memory 2 GB
Internal storage 16 GB
Camera13 Megapixel
SoftwareAndroid 7 Nougat
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