Hi, when I am streaming a live football match the phone keeps turning off, I have to keep the screen awake in order to keep listening. It"s a new phone, only had it 3 weeks and it"s been o/k until now. Any suggestions.

Cheers, Peter.

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Hi Peter!

Have you checked the time til screen timeout?


Android 12
How to Adjust Screen Timeout - Tap on  Settings
How to Adjust Screen Timeout - Tap on  Display
How to Adjust Screen Timeout - Tap on  Screen timeout
How to Adjust Screen Timeout - Choose an  Option
  1. Tap on Settings
  2. Tap on Display
  3. Tap on Screen timeout
  4. Choose an Option


Hi, I have never had to alter the screen timeout before, this has just suddenly happened, surely I can watch a movie without constantely having to wake the phone. I don"t have a problem if using a tablet.

Are you using a special app for that?

It could be that the app is optimized to reduce battery consumption.


Hi, no not a special app, when listening to a football match the screen did time out but the phone always kept the commentary alive, now I have to keep turning the phone back on. Very frustrating.

Cheers Peter.

Thank you very much for the feedback.

I'll have a word with my colleague to see if he might have another idea.

Best regards,

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