We have a cubot that was issued to an employee. the employee had google account on the device. the device is now locked and we tried every thing to unlock the device. even after the hard reset it keeps on asking for the google account. we cannot get hold of the employee and would like to reset the device so that we can use it and issue it to the next employee

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Hi johan_meintjes!

The phone can be reset via recovery mode, please click on the link below to learn more about it:

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How to start and use the recovery mode


The recovery mode is some kind of second operation system that is made to save the Android device if nothing works anymore. But what exactly can i do with the recovery mode and how do i use it? Recovery-mode: What's that? [caption id='1947'...


Hi ,

I have tried it. But when i turn on the device after recovery mode it again asks me for the old GMAIL account password. i even put my details in there but keep on getting message to say that i need to enter the GMAIL acount use previously

Hi johan_meintjes!

In that case I'm afraid you'd have to contact Cubot directly, hopefully support can help you out quickly.


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