Trying to pair my phone with wrist band v2, can anyone help

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Hello, Gilly.

Did you install the necessary app and try to pair over it?

We're waiting for your answer.



Hi Denny, I would like to be certain and say yes but the code I scanned for my Android phone doesn't actually say cubot v2, it's h band, I also downloaded a smart one too but both can't find the bracelet, I have charged it but when you un plug it I get nothing on the band. 

Hello again!

In the meantime, I have continued to learn more about Cubot v2. Unfortunately I have to say that there seem to be some problems with it. This starts with pairing and ends with the usage.

Is the device new?

Is there a warranty?


Yes just bought it from a company on eBay new,  do you think it's not compatible with the x20 pro ?

Normally the devices should be compatible and work without problems, but you can never rule out a defect.

Try requesting a replacement unit to see if the problems occur with the new unit as well.


I will thank you

You are welcome to contact us again afterwards and report if it works or if there are still problems.

Best wishes!

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