I have a Cubot X20 Pro with a cracked screen, can the screen be replaced,, if so do you have instructions on how to remove the ribbon cable from the main board?

Thank you


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Hello Dave.

We do not recommend replacing the display yourself, as some mistakes may be made when opening the device.

We recommend every user to bring the device to a repair store or technical service.

Best regards!


Hi Denny thank you for your reply. I have replaced many iPad / iphone screens over the years, and in this repair, I havealready successfully "un stuck" the cubot digital screen from my donor phone, but hesitant in the removal of the ribbon cable because it goes through the metal screening and I cannot see the release clip. My question is how do I release the ribbon cable from the main phone? I am, in part, resigned to the fact that I may have to replace this phone, but really do not want to. Hope you can help..



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