Dear support team,

recently my Doogee smartphone fell down and the screen turned black after a while, although the touch function is unaffected and everything else is working.

The problem is that I have not enabled debugging mode before the incident and I am now looking for a way to retrieve my files from the device, as well as the data from the applications I was using if possible.

Of course I have searched everything there is on the internet, but they are all making circles around debugging mode and software that is functioning only for Samsung phones for some reason. Also I have visited technicians in Greece but they informed me that they can't find a screen replacement for this model in order to fix it. If in any case you are selling replacement screens I am interested in purchasing one.

I would like to ask the following questions:

- Is there a way to access my phone's contents without having debugging mode enabled prior to the incident? (application/ software or anything else)

- some other thoughts I had were to connect the device with either an HDMI screen/ TV (with the help of adapters) and maybe with a mouse if needed. Can you inform me if my device (JSY Doogee A59 - two other names I have seen it go by are "MediaTek MIX" and "Micromax A99") supports and features USB OTG and Screen Mirroring via MHL/HDMI Cable?

I am thanking you in advance for any help, which will be greatly appreciated, the phone is fully functional other than the screen and I would like to find a way to use it even as a secondary device for home and not have to throw it away other than saving my data from it.

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Hello dear,

I just read your question.

Unfortunatel I have exactly the same issues with my phone and I am looking for the same answers.Did you find any solution? If yes, can you please help me?Your help will be appreciated.Thank you in advance

Have a great dayJim

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