I've noticed that my alarms don't always go off, despite being switched on. Last week I was late to work because my alarm clock did not go off. Does the Battery Saver disable alarms? I've noticed this will happen at the start of each week. Like everything "resets" on Sunday. Same goes for app notifications as well. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Hi thecarmiearmy!

Please clear the cache of the clock app and delete the existing alarms, then recreate them and give it a try.



Hi Denny, I'll give that a try. Any idea why app notifications are doing the same thing? 

Hi thecarmiearmy!

This could be due to battery optimization. If apps are restricted in the background, there may be a delay in loading. Depending on the app, notifications may not load until after launching the app.

Have you already checked this?

Best regards!

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