Umidigi F2

Umidigi F2
Muffled Calls and b&w instead of colour

Why are people not able to hear me properly? Muffled or sounds of interference on the line. 

Also, my phone keeps going black and white instead of colour. Background the sea black and white, Facebook black and white, photos black and white?

Camera is extremely sloooowww. Guys you need to fix these problems!!

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Explained step by step - 135 simulator instructions
    1. Home screen

      1. Apps & Shortcuts

      2. Folder

      3. Widgets

    1. Network

      1. Mobile network

        1. Mobile data

          1. Data warning and limit

      2. WLAN

        1. Wi-Fi Direct

        1. Tethering

          1. WLAN-Hotspot

    2. Display

      1. Status bar

        1. Font

        2. Screen saver

    3. Volume & Tones

      1. System sounds

      2. Volume

      3. Do not disturb

      4. Vibrations

    4. Storage

      1. Memory card

    5. Battery

    6. Lock screen

      1. Screen lock

        1. Settings

        2. Smart Lock

    7. Security & Privacy

        1. Fingerprint

      1. Privacy

      2. Location

    8. Apps & Notifications

      1. Screen reader

      2. Display enhancements

      3. Interaction and dexterity

      1. Date & Time

      2. Languages & Input

          1. Text correction

        1. Developer Options

  1. Functions

    1. Phone

      1. Display

      2. Settings

    2. Messages (SMS)

      1. Settings

    3. Contacts

      1. Settings

      2. Groups

      1. Shutter

      2. Settings

      1. Timer

      2. Alarm clock

    4. Browser

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Umidigi F2: Specifications
Display6.53 Inch - IPS
ProcessorMediatek Helio P70
Memory 6 GB
Internal storage 128 GB
Camera48 + 13 + 5 + 5 Megapixel
SoftwareAndroid 10
All specifications