I have just bought an 11 lite 5g ne. My main issue is trying to reset notification tones. It seems that you can go into settings in, either the app (example whatsapp), or the phone. Neither results in a change. Also, I want to get standard, old fashioned telephone call sound. All I can find are totally unnaceptable to me. Have I bought the wrong phone?

The guides on this site do not represent my phone.


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I should add. Android 11 MUI 12.5

Hi Rob230!

Have you already tried to reset the theme app defaults? Please enter Settings > Apps > Manage apps > Themes > Reset defaults



Many thanks Denny. i will try this as soon as possible


I see only "clear defaults"

No defaults set.

Thanks again, I have found a way to download a couple of sensible sounds.

Feel free to report back if this helped.

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