Hi my pocophone F1 dropped out if my pocket and I lost it, luckily my neighbour found it, only trouble is I rang it a few times to check if it was in the house or garden, the neighbour has tried to answer it, now the phones back with me I'm locked out, I open it with finger print sensor, I was to lazy to set up the lost device on my phone when I got it and just never got round to it, is there anyway i can get it to turn back on, it just won't respond to anything just dead any advice greatly appreciated.

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Hello Joeblog!

I'm afraid I have to ask again. Can you unlock the device using fingerprint now or does the device not respond at all now?

Thanks a lot in advance.



No I can't unlock the device with my fingerprint, it just won't turn on at all doesn't respond to charger, or hard reset just nothing completely dead, but no physical damage cracks nothing it's just strange, I think I have a mi account, so could it have locked me out, due thinking it was stolen.

I asked my neighbour if he could hear it ringing when I was ringing it trying to find it, and I asked if he tried unlocking it he said he can't remember.

Hi Joeblog.

It is very unlikely that Xiaomi locks the device directly without knowing that it has been lost.

If the device won't turn on and you can't do anything with it, try to charge it overnight and then force a reboot by holding the power button for about 10-15 seconds.

Alternatively, you can also contact the support of Xiaomi and describe the problem.


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