Android 7 Default spell checker

Step 1: Open the settings
Step 2: Tap on Languages & input
Step 3: Tap on Spell checker
Step 4: Tap on Default spell checker
Step 5: Choose the spell checker you want to use
Step 6: Confirm with OK
  1. Open the settings

  2. Tap on Languages & input

  3. Tap on Spell checker

  4. Tap on Default spell checker

  5. Choose the spell checker you want to use

  6. Confirm with OK

Android 7 - Default spell checker

Althought the google spell checker is a really good one, you might want to add another one. There are plenty of spell checker apps in every language in the Play store, and all of them can be chosen as the main spell checker.

Hint: If you add a new spell checker, be careful. Whatever you type in can be recorded by the app, and if the spell checker is not trustworthy, you may lose datas like credit card numbers or account data.

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