Blackview BV5900

Blackview BV5900
Help with data usage

When WIFI  is not being use I cannot connect to the internet even though I have my data turned on. What to do?

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Android 9

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  1. First Steps

    1. Set Up

    2. Home screen

  2. Settings

    1. Accessibility

    2. Wi-Fi

    3. Mobile network

    4. Battery

    5. Display

    6. Sound

    7. Storage

    8. Security & Location

    9. Clock

    10. System

    11. Miscellaneous

  3. Apps

    1. Google Mail

    2. Chrome

    3. Messages

    4. Play store

    5. Camera

    6. Contacts

    7. Phone

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Blackview BV5900: Specifications
Display5.7 Inch - IPS
Memory 3 GB
Internal storage 32 GB
Camera13 + 0.3 Megapixel
SoftwareAndroid 9 Pie
All specifications