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Doogee S80 Lite: doogee s80Lite is blocking incoming calls bug

Question asked 4 weeks ago from Uzuz


My boss has a  Doogee s80Lite and yesterday we ran into a bug. The bug itself shows that if anyone calls him on his cellphone the device is only displaying a notification that he has a missed call from this and that number or conctact. We tested a bit and it turned out that if i call him my phone rings so im waiting for him to pick up, but at the exact moment of connection, so when i hear the first beep on my phone, he gets a vibration and a top screen notification that he has a missed call from me, even though im still calling him he can try to call me back but obviously im engaged, because im calling him. We tried removing all options that can possibly block any calls, he called his cell phone provider and there is no problem with his licence or his card. We tried switching SIM cards with him and the s80 shows the same problem with any other SIM card. Therefore it must be a phone disfunction or bug. He says that he haven't changed any options beforehead, and we tried to restart, reboot, relog to cell phone system on his s80 lite but nothing changed.

Please help. Thanks 

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