When using the OnePlus smartphone with only one hand, difficulties may arise during text entry or text composition, as the thumb may not reach the other end of the keyboard.

To make the device easier to use, you can enable the one-handed mode, which pins the keyboard to the left or right side of the screen.

Android 10 | OxygenOS 10.0
Step 1:  Open the  Settings
Step 2:  Tap on  System
Step 3:  Tap on  Languages & input
Step 4:  Tap on  Virtual keyboard
Step 5:  Tap on  Gboard
Step 6:  Tap on  Preferences
Step 7:  Tap on  One-handed mode
Step 8:  Choose  Right-handed mode  or  Left-handed mode
  1. Open the Settings
  2. Tap on System
  3. Tap on Languages & input
  4. Tap on Virtual keyboard
  5. Tap on Gboard
  6. Tap on Preferences
  7. Tap on One-handed mode
  8. Choose Right-handed mode or Left-handed mode

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