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By default, the Oppo smartphone is unlocked by Face Detection when the power button is pressed. This means that the lock screen is not visible. If this is not desired, the option "By wiping up when the screen is on" can be activated, which keeps the user on the lock screen. Only by wiping is Face Detection started.

Android 11 | ColorOS 11.0
Step 1: Tap on  Settings
Step 2: Tap on  Password & biometrics
Step 3: Tap on  Face
Step 4: Tap on  Screen unlock
Step 5: Choose  Swipe up to unlock  or  Auto unlock
  1. Tap on Settings
  2. Tap on Password & biometrics
  3. Tap on Face
  4. Tap on Screen unlock
  5. Choose Swipe up to unlock or Auto unlock
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