Question: No Sound

When I get a call, message or any other notification there is no ring tone but if I watch a video there is sound! I am not on do not disturb either.

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Oukitel k12 sound quality low Oukitel K12 · 1 month ago · From hkrichard123

Hi there,I recently bought brand new Oukitel k12 from your store in Hong Kong, the phone is super excellent except the sound quality is really low!...

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Sound Leagoo T8s · 2 days ago · From AJP

Sound good with ear phones.Without ear phones no sound.This applies to ringtone, media and alarm.

Why is my sound not working? Umidigi F1 · 4 months ago · From Mylink2u

No sound for media or calls on speaker even though all volumes are up. Is there a setting for speaker? Maybe something was inadvertently changed?...

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I have a google 3a XL can I set a differnent sound for each of my contacts?

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When i 'm receiving a call i can hear the sound but the screen won't ope Cubot X19 · 4 months ago · From dimmex

When i 'm receiving a call  i can hear the sound but the screen won't open, it remains black  and i can't answer the call....