I have Oukitel WP5 (which is based on WP2) with Android 9 Pie.

I dont like Android 9 at all. Can Android 6 Marshmellow be installed on it? I dont mind losing special features! Android 6 was perfect.


Thank you.

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Hello. No, unfortunately there is no ROM to install Android 6.


Hi Simon.

Do you mean, it cant be installed because no one has the Android 6 operation system?

Someone must have. Where shall i try?




No developer will bother to provide an outdated operating system for the smartphone.

Unfortunately, it is not as easy as it is with a desktop PC running Windows, and the operating system for smartphones must be 100% adapted to the device.

If there is one thing I strongly doubt, it is XDA Developers.


Excuse me, but "strongly doubt"?

Did u mean: recommend?

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