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By default, the album overview on the Samsung device always uses the latest image in the album as cover. Alternatively, you can select a cover image which is always displayed. The cover image can be changed at any time or you can also undo the change to the latest image.

Android 11 | One UI 3.0
Step 1: Tap on  Gallery
Step 2: Tap on  Albums
Step 3: Tap and hold an  Album
Step 4: Tap on  More
Step 5: Tap on  Change cover image
Step 6: Choose a  Photo/Image
Step 7: Adjust the  Photo/Image  and tap  Apply
  1. Tap on Gallery
  2. Tap on Albums
  3. Tap and hold an Album
  4. Tap on More
  5. Tap on Change cover image
  6. Choose a Photo/Image
  7. Adjust the Photo/Image and tap Apply
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