The screen on the Samsung device can automatically rotate to portrait (Portrait) or landscape (Standard). Alternatively, the screen can be locked in both positions. To lock a screen in the desired position, you must first activate automatic rotation. Then hold the Samsung device in the desired format and lock the screen using the status bar.

Note: The home screen cannot be rotated by default, this can be enabled in a separate setting [Instructions].

Android 11 | One UI 3.0
How to Turn On/Off Screen Rotation - Swipe with  two fingers  to access the Quick settings
How to Turn On/Off Screen Rotation - Tap on  Portrait  to enable screen rotation
How to Turn On/Off Screen Rotation - Tap on  Auto rotate  to disable screen rotation
  1. Swipe with two fingers to access the Quick settings
  2. Tap on Portrait to enable screen rotation
  3. Tap on Auto rotate to disable screen rotation

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