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Touch and hold is a fundamental control command on the Samsung device, allowing you to move app shortcuts or drag files to the Recycle Bin, for example.

In order for the Samsung device to recognise "touch and hold" as a command, the delay is 0.5 seconds so as not to confuse the command by simply typing. This delay can also be changed from short (0.5 seconds) to medium (1 second), long (1.5 seconds) or to a user-defined value.

Android 11 | One UI 3.0
Step 1: Tap on  Settings
Step 2: Tap on  Accessibility
Step 3: Tap on  Interaction and dexterity
Step 4: Tap on  Touch and hold delay
Step 5: Choose  Short ,  Medium ,  Long  or  Custom
  1. Tap on Settings
  2. Tap on Accessibility
  3. Tap on Interaction and dexterity
  4. Tap on Touch and hold delay
  5. Choose Short, Medium, Long or Custom
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