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A private DNS is a feature that encrypts transmissions from the Android smartphone to the Internet.

By default the DNS server (even if the function is set off) of your own network operator is used. We can instruct the Android device to automatically use a specified private DNS server.

Depending on the DNS server, this may cause connection problems, which is rare, but usually another DNS server will improve the network quality and connection speed.

Android 12
How to Set up Private DNS - Tap on  Settings
How to Set up Private DNS - Tap on  Network and Internet
How to Set up Private DNS - Tap on  Private DNS
How to Set up Private DNS - Choose  Automatic  or  Private DNS provider hostname
How to Set up Private DNS - Enter the  Corresponding data  and tap  Save
  1. Tap on Settings
  2. Tap on Network and Internet
  3. Tap on Private DNS
  4. Choose Automatic or Private DNS provider hostname
  5. Enter the Corresponding data and tap Save

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