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There are several ways to send messages from the Android device to a group or label. We can send them through the Contacts or Google Messages app.

In this case, there is no distinction between SMS and MMS. The device automatically selects whether it is a multimedia message when files such as images, photos or videos or other multimedia content are attached.

Android 12
Step 1: Tap on  Messages
Step 2: Tap on  Start chat
Step 3: Tap on  Create group
Step 4: Select the  Contacts  and tap on  Next
Step 5: Enter a  Group name  and tap on  Next
Step 6: Enter a  Text message
Step 7: Tap on  Send
  1. Tap on Messages
  2. Tap on Start chat
  3. Tap on Create group
  4. Select the Contacts and tap on Next
  5. Enter a Group name and tap on Next
  6. Enter a Text message
  7. Tap on Send
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