Apps can be installed on the Samsung device either via the general Google Play Store or Samsung's own Galaxy Store. While the Play Store still offers a wide range of apps, the Galaxy Store offers more apps for personalizing the Samsung smartphone, but the way to install an app is about the same.

Note: By default no app shortcut is created on the home screen. If desired, the Function can only be activated in the settings.

Android 10 (One UI 2.0)
Step 1:  Open the  Play Store
Step 2:  Tap on  Google Play
Step 3:  Search for the desired  app
Step 4:  Tap on desired  app
Step 5:  Tap on  Install
  1. Open the Play Store
  2. Tap on Google Play
  3. Search for the desired app
  4. Tap on desired app
  5. Tap on Install

Samsung Instructions