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  • WLAN-Hotspot

Where can I find the user manual for the Umidigi S3 Pro?

Download the operating instructions for the Umidigi S3 Pro in various languages as a PDF document.

App on Home screen

You can place every installed app on your home screen to find them more easy.

Default alarm sound

This setting sets the default sound that you hear when you set an alarm. You can either choose a preinstalled sound or one of your own songs.

Device theme

Here you can change the device theme so it fits to your actual wallpaper.

Rename a folder

You can rename a folder to keep the content of the folder more clear.

Accessibility Menu

You can add a button to your bottom short menu which contains different shortcuts to the accesssibility settings.

Remove app from Home screen

If you need more space for other apps on your Home screen or simply have no need for a certain app, you can delete it from the Home screen without...

Charging sound

When this setting is activated, your device will not only give out a sound as soon as your battery is fully loaded, but whenever you plug it in or...

Create a folder

With Android 9, you have the possibility to create a folder containing all sorts of apps. 

Resize a Widget

Widgets are coming in many different sizes, but sometimes they are too big for your liking or too small to see anything. With Android 9, you can...

Make a call

Calling someone is simple, it can be challenging if you never had an Android device before. 

Gradually increase alarm volume

If you have problems with waking up in the morning, you could activate this option to let the alarm sound ring louder gradually.

Wi-Fi Direct

Wi-Fi Direct can be seen as some kind of "different Wi-Fi". It connects compatible devices with each other even if they have no Wi-Fi connection...

Automatically select network

Usually the Android 9 device connects to your phone company automatically. If this network is not available, you can deactivate the option and...

Place Widget

A Widget is a shortcut to a function that gives you a simpler overview. There are many Widgets, for example a calendar or a weather bar. 
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Manuals & Downloads

Currently you can find here five various manuals and/or quick start guides for the Umidigi S3 Pro. You can view the manual for the S3 Pro of Umidigi online or download it as a PDF file (Download).

Quick Start Guide

English | 8.69 MB | PDF

Quick Start Guide

German | 8.69 MB | PDF

Quick Start Guide

Spanish | 8.69 MB | PDF

Quick Start Guide

French | 8.69 MB | PDF

Quick Start Guide

Italian | 8.69 MB | PDF

Buy manual

On Amazon you can find a lot of unofficial manuals, maybe there is also something for the Umidigi S3 Pro

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