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Vkworld - Questions

This are the questions that were already asked about Vkworld.

Vkworld VK7000 - black screen black screen  not working
2 vadar 2 90
Vkworld VK7000 - Need replacement part I have a VKworld VK7000 but I require a replacement usb  cover for the bottom of the phone. Where can I order one from ?
3 LSR 3 134
Vkworld S8 - microphone after dropping my phone the microphone does not work
0 kirkgrain 0 214
Vkworld VK7000 - Don't started The phone don't starting, don't charging and if I connect to pc the pc don't read vk7000. The phone was good with charger and shot down alone,...
0 Jcsr 0 167
Vkworld VK7000 - Cellular service, signal, data not working I pay for cellular service but do not receive it. I have tried 3 different companies and none of them seem to b able to figure it out. Please help....
0 Sonny 0 273
Vkworld VK7000 - Screen goes blank until you squeeze phone Lately when turning on my phone or while using it the screen goes blank (kinda dark greyish) but the touch screen still seems to be active. The...
0 Scotriders 0 319
Vkworld F1 - Battery for F1 WHERE CAN I BUY A BATTERY FOR vkworld F1 battery
0 ethel 0 289